What I would give to be sitting in McDonald's eating a burger with you again, the day you died you took a big part of me with you. You were an awesome brother So many good memories’ I will keep close. From the time you accidentally hit me in the head with a baseball bat when I was 5 and I needed stitches...oh wait we are talking about the good memories here.

Family and friends meant everything to you. You always strived to make the other person happy, to make them laugh. As many friends have written saying how kind, considerate, caring, helpful, a great friend and person you were... Nothing that I didn't already know but I hope you realised how much you meant to your friends and family and how many people you have helped with your journey through life and I am so grateful to have had you as my big bro!

I will miss the words you spoke often.

"Are you going to buy me lunch?

"Are you going to donate to my fund?"

"Where's my invite?"

Or one of the last things you said to me on the phone after telling me some amazing, exciting news while I was going through drive through to get a free crispy creme donut on National Donut day "where's mine?" ..while shouting through the loud speaker in hope the drive through lady will hear your order too.. Justifying that you were in the car with us!

The last days I saw you in Melbourne with Stacey & Matt are great memories that I will treasure... Even though you were in and out of hospital you still managed to make it a fun and memorable time, we all talked and laughed lots. The time at the pub, you insisting on having a drink or two... We had a good laugh at the pub, you calling old friends, you managed to get through to Kyle and had a good yarn and left a few..long funny voicemail msgs for other friends then wanting more drinks with Stacey, Matt & I struggling to take you home and walk slowly to make sure the bottle shop would be shut.. But you using your crutches you could get that bit further than us until you tired yourself out .. Due to mum saying make sure he doesn't drink with his head injury!! Don't encourage him Nicole ...I think mum should have been more worried about you encouraging us. You were stubborn. But I am so glad we had that time together. We woke up during the night with you sleeping on the toilet floor, Stacey & I unable to get you up. You just mumbling so we got 'Nurse Matt' to the rescue... That was a Struggle... I remember Stacey & I cracking up laughing & then Stace turns around to nurse Matt & says can you sleep with him tonight & nurse him.. I will stay with Nicole, the answer was no but nurse Matt tucked you in with a bucket ...its the middle of the night and we are laughing while you boys just want to go back to sleep then I wake up to go to the bathroom in the morning and the room is flooded and the hallway carpet is soaked ..We got You up to explain and you just laugh and start jumping in it on a broken foot like a little kid which made us all laugh, Then you had to start scooping the water down the drain.. Or the night we all managed to get into a Comedy show free, with free drinks and refreshments. Realising it was a special work event but we didn't care we got a free laugh out of it .. it was my birthday and you had to be in hospital for an operation, you were so upset that you couldn't be with me trying to convince the doctors & nurses to let you out but insisted that I went to the Safari Park with Stacey & Matt... With msgs from you saying to go already, what are we waiting for... You always were sure to make my birthday a memorable one... We all rushed back to see you before your op just getting in on time with you taking your time in the bathroom and the doctors in their scrubs waiting to take you.. I opened my birthday present as fast as I could as they tried to wheel you away. You opt for general anaesthetic instead of going under because you wanted to get discharged to come to the airport to wish me off, you made it.. The tight warm hug you gave me at the airport, the last hug I got from you before leaving to go home. I will miss you on my birthdays even the time you woke me up jumping on my bed like a kid you were singing happy birthday to me and showing me a YouTube video with the Stars singing happy birthday.

You left so many things to remember you by... Watching cartoons together when we were young, Rug Rats, Cat Dog.Tattoo shops...I remember you trying to hide your tattoos from mum..until it got to the point I don't think she would have noticed if you had one more over lapping.. You always had a story you would make from what u think the tats looked like they were doing and then start laughing. The beach.. You always went in even when it was freezing! McDonalds- make your own burgers, you would pick me up from work and we would have afternoon tea... Which was more like dinner. You would have the same burger every time.


Going to Concerts with you- Sound Wave, 360. You wanted to go to every 360 concert.

Disney, collecting coins, those platypus money boxes you collected, watching movies -The Crow and Scream. And you laughing at me when I screamed. Getting into the chocolate! And you insisting on cooking food for us to eat while watching movies or Home and Away together.

I will miss your story's, your calls, messages, your laugh, your drawings, paintings, your sense of humour, going to concerts with you, watching movies or listening to music, drives, your hugs, I will even miss you annoying me or coming over and eating my ice cream and chocolate.

When looking towards the end of your life. Your life was complete, you were with the girl of your dreams that treated you how you should have been treated. You had so much fun and love around you. You got that acceptance from her mum and they saw you for the great person you were. The missing jigsaw puzzle piece was found and you were happy , you were completed.

Mum, Dad, Josh, Stacey and all of your family and friends are going to miss you so much.

Don't take things for granted, tell your love ones you love them, spend time with them, live each day to the fullest, you don't know when your time is up. And live by Matts rule 'I did it because I felt like it'

Rest in peace Matt, fly free. Forever in our memories... ”

Hi, I'm Jessica.

Our families met at Newborough primary school in 1998 where Matt & Alex were in the same grade, Stacey & Nicole in the same class and I was the same age as Josh. we all bonded pretty quickly and we've stayed friends for the last 18 years. 

As Dr Suess said, sometimes we will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. We have so many memories of you, Matt, over these years but particularly, as anyone can see, it was your art work. For me, you taught me to draw the rugrats when I was 9, for Alex he was amazed when you so quickly and cleverly drew blinky bill with the southern cross and always scribbled drawings on things, from pizza boxes, note pads, scrap paper, and canvases. As kids we all enjoyed countless sleepovers, play dates and spending hours upon hours waiting for our parents to stop talking so we could go home. Even till recently-that never changed. You clearly loved all cartoons, especially Disney, which is mostly what we remember about you with your tattoos and drawings. you've been a friend so long, I guess we were naive to think you'd be a friend in our lives forever. That you'd always just come and go, much like we've all done over the years. 

In recent times to us you were a fantastic uno player, a kind, gentle young man, and a brilliant listener. You have always been quiet, Matt, and throughout our lives I often wondered how fast your mind must have been ticking sometimes. It explains your thoughtfulness and your willingness to do anything for those you loved. You had the biggest smile to brighten anyone's day and it was clear you just wanted to make people happy. 

To Iain, Kathy, Josh and Nicole. Your son, your big brother. We're so sorry. And we're heartbroken for you. 

I'd like to read you a short poem. 

Words seem so feeble In moments like these 

Life is so precious

And death such a thief 

The depth of your pain 

We cannot comprehend 

But we'll stand alongside you 

In the darkness our friends. 

Love is a bond 

That death cannot part 

Gone from your arms 

But still in our hearts. 

And finally, to quote Disney- how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. 

All our love, Sean, Jenny, Alex, myself, Stacey, Lisa & Jack.

“Matthew James Dunn.

He was a man of few words so I will keep this short.

He touched many lives, more than I think he knew.

A brilliant mind, a kind soul. Caring and loving friend.

He taught me perseverance and a burning loyalty. Stick to your guns even if people think youre wrong.


He was a rough diamond that was polishing into the finest gem.

I'm proud to call you my best friend. My brother. Goodbye soul mate. I love you.”

“My memories of Matt include venturing out into Perth and end up in Gin Gin. We'd never know where we end up once we put our heads together.

Our time together was spent finding the next adventure. If it wasn't a spontaneous trip to Melbourne, with 2 hours to get on the plane, it was getting up at 1am to drive to Krispy Kreme cause we wanted some donuts or sitting at the beach watching the sun come up.

Whenever we were together we just talked, or sometimes we didn't say anything thing at all. We spent alot of time together, eating out or going the movies. Just simple stuff. But no matter what we did we had the best time.

We once drove out the Gin Gin to the observatory just for something to do, or we visited Fremantle prison for a tour... It was always the best time; we were soul mates in so many ways. He brought me out of my shell.

His favourite place was down at Trigg beach, sitting on the rocks. Just looking at the ocean. He definitely like to think a lot about life and what he'd been thru, but he knew I was always there for him.

Anything I planned I planned it with him. I remember going to supernova with him, and we walked around for hours just because we were never in a rush.

We went to the food and wine expo with Kathy and Iain, and it was all about free samples that day what else we could grab. Movies and dinner was our usual thing but we still always managed to cry with laughter.

He was my kindred spirit, the one person I needed next to me. Any where I went he came with me. Be became my family.

As the weather got warmer it was the beach that kept bringing us back together, to hang out and watch the sun go down.

My son got to experience many times with him, and they bonded over his pet turtle as Aden was super excited to see the turtle whenever we'd pop over.

I miss those times already. I miss being able to talk to u and hear your voice.”

Messages to Matt

Matthew Dunn
Matthew Dunn