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By Matt Dunn 

Fireworks crackling in the night sky

Burst of colours flow freely

The darkness that surrounds us lights up with joy

As the fireworks roar the world stops and looks

Everyone watching as the colours pop high above us

Like singing angels of peace and joy

Millions of dollars going up in smoke

To give us a moment that we just stop and look

A moment of peace filled our minds

As we are blinded by everything that's been burdening our mind

Some say it's waisted money

Some say it's a celebration

But for me it's all about a moment of peace

That we can just sit back and watch

The beauty unfold

A moment that we forget life

And just sit and watch and be at peace with everything

But realistically a millions of dollars just lit the night sky

And now everything has come to an end

And still there is poverty on the streets

Money well spent 

Money burnt with sin

As everything that has just been at peace

Now floods back as you see he homeless on the streets

The ones that are fighting as they drank too much

The ones that are fighting just cos they're mean

But that moment in life is now a memory

A memory that we just had a moment of peace

Where we forget everything and just watch the sky

And wait for the colours to brighten our night life

As for a moment we forgot everything

And then there was peace within 

That no one can take from us

So is it money wasted?

When the world just got a therapy session

A moment of peace

Colours brighten the night sky

As most would smile looking up above

as it brightened their day, that memory is to stay